Green Coffee Berry & Kombuchka Creme

  • Experience the powerful regenerative properties of plant-derived Stem Cells, Green Coffee Berry Lipactive and fermented Kombuchka Tea. This proage moisturizer supports the structure of the skin while enhancing texture and radiance which can be compromised by chronological aging and external factors. Gotu Kola and  Gardenia plant stem cells amplify botanical nourishment while anti-oxidant Ferulic Acid and Phloretin fight back against aggression from environmental disruptors.

    2 floz / 60ml
    Skin Type: Mature/Anti-Aging; Environmentally Stressed; Dry/Sensitive
    GARDENIA STEM CELLS - Gardenia Stems GX™  provides triple targeted protection of the skins’ collagen system. Gardenia Stems GX™ is a plant stem cell extract providing multi-level protection of the collagen network by boosting new collagen synthesis and resisting collagen depletion. LANACYTIN - Lanacityn™ is a Marine Exopolysaccharides and African plant extract rich in flavonoids that provides free radical activity and a strong anti-pollution defense.

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