Chia Seed Masque

  • Renew your skin with this ultra-hydrating, protective masque. A unique gel-based formulation effectively hydrates and protects, ensuring healthy, glowing skin. Aloe Vera Leaf and Mushroom Extracts nourish and soften while Vitamin E and Pomegranate Seed Oil soothe redness, tone and brighten the skin. Nature's own cellular stimulant, Chia Seed, intensifies the healing and rejuvenating benefits of this age-defying masque. Essential for those who experience sensitive or dry skin.

    2 floz / 60ml

    Skin Type: Dry | Sensitive

    POMEGRANATE SEED EXTRACT - is a powerful antioxidant which has been found to nourish and moisturize the skin, improve elasticity, reduce wrinkles and prevent aging. CHIA SEED - high in antioxidants and contain proteins and essential fatty acids SHIITAKE MUSHROOM EXTRACT - reduces inflammation and irritation, which in turn can impact the appearance of fine lines and collagen production.


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