Malus Domestica Illuminating Serum

  • Brighten and renew with this dynamic serum offering a synergistic blend of five proven natural source skin brighteners and powerful age reversing Swiss Apple Stem Cells. Antioxidant Tetrahydrocurcuminoids, derived from Tumeric , Ferulic Acid and Resveratrol, boost cellular enhancement and UV resistance. Hydroquinone-free, this serum addresses dark spots or discolouration caused by daily environmental exposure.

    1 floz, 30 ml
    Skin Type: Mature | Oily | Combination | Environmentally-stressed

    MAGNESIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE - water-soluble derivative of vitamin C. TETRAHYDROXURCUMINS - Act as antioxidants protecting against free radicals. APPLE STEM CELLS - Is an antioxidant rich extract that offers longevity enhancing benefits.

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