Plump & Firm Peptide Creme

  • Experience the most remarkable, peptide enrich rejuvenating cream formulated for those who desire superior anti-aging benefits. Infused with the power of Gardenia plant Stem Cell Extract, a key component in the defence against collagen aggression, and rare Alpine-source Artemisia Umbelliformis, a natural anti-oxidant, that targets free radicals which can disrupt the harmonious balance of the skin. A wide array of Organic source skin conditioning agents, plant based humectants, oils and extracts further boost the skin’s natural regenerative potential in areas that often exhibit the earliest signs of laxity. Plump & Firm Peptide Cream delivers three important benefits vital to luminosity: exfoliation and renewal; intensive hydration and protection of the skin.


    Mature Skin


    2 oz / 60 g


    Apply to face and neck after cleansing. May be used morning and night.


    Hyaluronic Acid elevates and retains moisture within the skin, enhancing smoothness and softness;

    Super Oxide Dismutase, a super anti-oxidant, helps to defend against external aggression and free radical damage

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