Banana Leaf Enzyme Exfoliant

  • Banana Leaf Enzyme Exfoliant is a delicious, ultra rich, creamy enzymatic exfoliant that effectively dissolves dead skin cells without manual scrubbing. Banana, rich in Minerals and Antioxidants, helps soften skin and maintain an optimal moisture level. Pineapple Enzymes coupled with potent Antioxidants gently remove unwanted surface debris revealing a glowing complexion.

    4 oz/125g
    Skin Type: Dry | Mature | Normal | Sensitive

    BANANA FRUIT PUREE - a soothing emollient with mild antioxidant properties. EXTRA VIRGIN COLD PRESSED AVOCADO OIL - is a natural emollient that makes dry skin look and feel better. LICORICE ROOT EXTRACT - contains glycyrrhetic acid which offers anti-inflammatory properties. SUNFLOWER SEED OIL - is rich in Vitamin A & E and helps condition and moisturize.

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