Bilberry Leaf Matte Moisturizer

  • Anti-oxidant rich daily protection crème, Bilberrry Leaf Matte Moisturizer contains natural source vitamins and minerals that aid in the balance of oily skin. Soothing Rosemary Leaf, Licorice Root Extract and Organic Aloe Vera nourish-leaving skin feeling smooth, non-greasy and vibrant looking. This unique moisturizer absorbs excess oil, sweeping it away from potentially clogged pores. Best suited to those who experience combination, oily T-zone, or oily, acneic skin.

    2 floz / 60ml
    Skin Type: All | Normal | Oily | Combination

    BILBERRY LEAF EXTRACT - is know to be an antioxidant. CALENDULA EXTRACT - is a medicinal plant that is known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. SODIUM PCA - is naturally found in the skin and is a good humectant as it attracts and retains moisture. SPINACH POWDER EXTRACT

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