Blooming Lavender Toner

  • Aromatic Lavender, gentle Fruit Acids and Micellar technology make this nourishing toner hard to resist. Seaweed-derived extracts fortify the skin promoting long term health and well being against ambient stress.                                                       SIZE:125ml/4floz
  • Skin Type: Normal/All Skin Types; Mature/Anti-Aging; Dry/Sensitive
  • EDELWEISS - High Alpine Edelweiss Extract fortifies the skin against environmental aggression, enhancing its resistance to external stress factors. MICRO ALGAE - Purified bio-technologically produced Micro Algae extract supports resilience within the dermal matrix and enhanced protection from UV  stressors. FRUIT ACIDS - Mild Lemon and Passionfruit derived acids help to refine the skin through gentle exfoliation. They boost topical moisture while providing an overall enhancement in appearance and softness of the skin.

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