Green Tea Calming Serum

  • Green Tea Calming Serum contains soothing ingredients that nurture and protect sensitive, dry, irritated or inflamed skin. It is infused with naturally derived Panthothenic Acid (Mushroom source), Green and Black Teas that are high in polyphenols, and powerful Antioxidants that have the ability to neutralize aggressive free radicals. Ideal for application after extensive outdoor exposure, peels or post exfoliation.

    1 floz / 60 mL
    Skin Type: All | Dry | Normal | Sensitive

    GANODERMA LUCIDUM EXTRACT - is known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. VITAMIN E - is an emollient oil that provides moisture and antioxidant benefits. CAPRYLIC/CAPRI TRIGLYCERIDES - derived from palm kernel oil is an excellent moisturizer. BLACK TEA - is an antioxidant.

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