Marine Algae Calming Gel

  • Ideal for sensitive skin, the Marine Algae Calming Gel is a marine-based Gel that soothes, oxygenates and protects sensitive or irritated skin. Alfalfa Leaf and Mushroom BioComplex provide an immediate cooling sensation to even the most sensitive skin. Ultra-hydrating Hyaluronate and Organic Extracts of Gotu Kola, Green Tea and Rooibos calm and encourage skin to improve its condition.


    2 oz

    Skin Type: All | Normal | Oily | Combination

    ALFALFA LEAF EXTRACT - contains a significant amount of Vitamin K. ARNICA - is widely used as a salve for bruises and sprains. GOTU KOLA EXTRACT - has antibacterial, anti-psoriatic, and wound-healing properties.

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