Red Earth Mineral Masque

  • Red Earth Mineral Masque contains bentonite natural clay that aids in detoxification, mildly exfoliates and lifts impurities from deep within pores. A high Mineral content makes this masque a natural choice for those who experience imbalance due to excess oil (lipid) production. Each masque application sweeps and softens with gentle enzyme exfoliants from Pineapple and Papaya sources. Salicylic Acid combats bacteria, blackheads, whiteheads and eruptive blemishes.

    2 floz / 60ml
    Skin Type: Dry | Sensitive

    BROMELAIN - is an enzyme derived from Pineapple that gently loosens dead skin cells. RETINOL PALMITATE - is known to help improve skin structure. SALICYLIC ACID - is one of the most beneficial form of alpha hydroxy acid. PAPAIN - is an gentle enzyme.

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