Calendula Creme for Oily Skin

  • Purify skin of imperfections, blackheads, discoloration and blemishes with the aid of Echinacea Extract and Tea Tree Oil found in this daily use Moisturizer for normal to oily skin. Calm and soothe eruptive skin with powerful Chamomile, Yucca and Arnica Extracts. Establish equilibrium using this oil absorbing gel-based Crème rich in Natural and Organic Extracts. Maintain softness and all day hydration without the oily, greasy feeling often associated with moisturizers.

    Skin Type: All | Normal | Oily | Combination

    ARNICA - is widely used as a salve for bruises and sprains. CALENDULA EXTRACT - is a medicinal plant that is known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. ECHINACEA EXTRACT - offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. TEA TREE OIL - is a natural anti-septic and anti-bacterial agent that combats blemishes and balances oil production.

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