Willowbark Elixir for Ingrown Hair

  • Smooth away razor bumps and ingrown hairs with this superb serum that softens and smooths imperfections. Organic Lavender Alcohol, Lactic and Salicylic Acid help clear pores and neutralize bacteria which often accompany ingrown hair and shaving bumps. A therapeutic aroma derived from Camphor and Lavender make this treatment suitable for both Men and Women.

    Skin Type: All | Dry | Mature | Normal | Oily | Combination | Environmentally-stressed

    LACTIC ACID - is an alpha hydroxy acid extracted from milk that gently exfoliates devitalized skin. SALICYLIC ACID - is one of the most beneficial form of alpha hydroxy acid. MAQUI BERRY - One of the highest antioxidant polyphenol rich berries.

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